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Monday, November 14, 2005

Birthday Yarn is Good Yarn

So. I've not done much knitting really, recently. The other girls over at Knitty went to the Get Knitted open day on the 5th November, I was very jealous.

My birthday was on the 11th, and for that weekend (well actually Thursday - Sunday) I went on holiday to Keswick with Simon and his mum and stepdad. We visited Whitehaven, where I used my knit-fu to locate a yarn shop. I got £20 of stuff (kindly paid for by Simon's stepdad as a birthday present), and because all of the yarn was reduced, I got quite a lot!

Here we are. First up is some lovely mohair boucle and matching ribbon yarn.

I got two balls of each. I haven't used the ribbon yarn yet but I have started making a hat with the boucle. It's very lovely and soft.

Next is a ribbon AND mohair yarn. Yes, I said ribbon and mohair. Anyway, it's lovely and soft. And very autumny coloured. I'll probably make a drop stitch shawl or something from this. I got two balls of this as well.

They had quite a lot of Patons yarn. This here is 'Funky Chunky'. Again, I got two balls of each. One and a half balls of the green has already become a beanie hat for Simon (which came in very handy on the chilly Derwentwater boat trip. It's an acrylic/wool blend, £1.50 a ball.

I was going to get more Patons, but then I decided that I could probably get that online easier than I could the other stuff. They had loads of it, even some Beehive stuff that I thought was discontinued ages ago.

You may notice that my photos look better than my previous pictures. This is because I have a new camera, (5 megapixel as compared to my old 2 megapixel camera). It's a Samsung Digimax A502, if that means anything to anyone. In Jessops they had a deal where if you bought the camera and standalone printer you could get it for £129.99 (which is a great bargain because the camera was originally £79.99 and the printer £99.99). I got some more rechargable batteries too, but that's quite boring actually.

Anyway, my fingers are getting cold now so I am going to stop.


At 6:53 PM, November 15, 2005, Blogger PURLPOWER said...

Nice work mate! The pictures do indeed look excellent. I've made a couple of things with ribbon yarn now. It can be a bit weird to work with, you often end up with a very stretchy fabric so for tops and things it can behave a bit weirdly. Dropped stitches look really good in it though (as in deliberately dropped stitches!) so scarves using a drop stitch like Clapotie or the airy scarf from 'last minute knitted gifts' look really good. There's also a pattern on Knitty for a ribbon yarn vest-top which you might like but be warned: a lot of people knitting it seem to have had problems with the sizing.

Great colour choice on that turquoise pair too.

See you soon


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